Now offering Virtual Teleprompter Services through all major video chat providers as well as consultations on Professional video chat installations! Stay on top of your game throughout the Coronavirus quarantines and beyond!

Rock n Roll

We fit right in on the backline of a Rock N Roll stage - our gear is designed for the hard-travel lifestyle of the road. Our top three Prompter Operators have all spent time on the road, living on the tour bus and in hotels. We've also helped out with local rehearsal sets during the run up to world tours. We can do anything from ten foot-well monitors across a 150' stage to massive front-of-house plasmas, projectors and anything in between.

Television & On-Camera

We've prompted on American Idol with Neil Diamond, for iPhone apps and for just about everything in between. We have a variety of on-camera rigs that work with everything from the biggest broadcast cameras to the smallest consumer minicams. We've got a myriad of mount options, and our clever, experienced owners will come up with custom solutions for your particular need if that's what you need.

Corporate & Speech

We have Presidential setups for making your presentation look as professional and polished as you are. We can mount monitors inside of a lectern or put monitors in our Rock N Roll shells to disguise them from the audience. Large monitors on the floor in front of the stage or at the far side of the room can also help keep the presenter on track.

What We Do

What We Do

No matter what the application, our job is to make your job look effortless. We're expert at on-the-fly changes, often making last-minute revisions to remarks, song lyrics or scripts mere moments before the talent takes the stage. While we do everything we can do to be prepared, minds do change, and at Promptin' Circumstance West, we're quick on the proverbial draw.


All of our equipment comes with the necessary accessories and computers to run your show (and then some - people often want more after they see what we can do!). These items include professional-grade Video Distribution Amps, BNC cables, confidence monitors, brackets & connectors and, of course, Apple computers.