How We’re Different

Unlike other prompting companies, we ask our Operators to take a stake in the success of the company, and we’ve found that this really affects the job that they do. We give every operator, no matter their background, training in the way that Promptin Circumstance West works and make a point of paying our Operators an excellent wage. This, along with our fair prices to our clients, means that everyone wins. Every one of our operators, including the company owners, are courteous, respectful, and excellent listeners.


No matter what the application, our job is to make your job look effortless. We’re expert at on-the-fly changes, often making last-minute revisions to remarks, song lyrics or scripts mere moments before the talent takes the stage. While we do everything we can do to be prepared, minds do change, and at Promptin’ Circumstance West, we’re quick on the proverbial draw.


We work with you

When you call Promptin Circumstance West, we’ll do everything we can to win your business, including giving you a great quote for equipment that fits both your needs and your budget.

We’re committed to protecting our operators, so we may charge a 50% cancellation fee if a booked job is cancelled between 24 & 48 hours before the scheduled call time, and any cancellation that happens within 24 hours of a scheduled call is subject to a 100% day-rate fee as negotiated beforehand.

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