About The Founders

MattMatt Osgood is an entrepreneur with a passion for tech, travel, movies and music. All his life, he’s been obsessed with knowing the words to his favorite songs, mostly so he can sing them while he works, drives, showers, or wherever else the mood strikes.

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, schooled at UMBC in Baltimore and having lived in New York for four years prior to moving to LA in 2004, Matt’s a California boy with an East-Coaster’s heart. Matt’s worked on countless film and television projects – SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS, THE EDUCATION OF MAX BICKFORD, IMAGINARY HEROES, AMERICA BROWN and HOPE & FAITH and other projects taught him the value of discretion in dealing with talent, and a 2+ year stint at Relativity Media in Los Angeles helping to close $2.5B worth of film financing taught him the ins and outs of successful business planning. Having since started and run a successful small IT business focused on providing for the specialized needs of the entertainment industry, Matt was looking for a new and exciting venture when fate and social networking re-connected him with his old friend from the Brooklyn days, Dave.

Starting in teleprompting right at the top, Matt filled in on a few of Dave’s ongoing jobs before going out as a full-fledged subcontractor on jobs for the venerable Promptin’ Circumstance. As these jobs kept Matt and Dave in touch, it was only natural to start discussions about the serendipity of a now-prompter-trained tech-head living in Los Angeles, home of countless television shows and rock rehearsal spaces. From these discussions Promptin’ Circumstance West was born – a product of common sense and common interest. Now with over two years of high-profile jobs and clients behind him, Matt is every bit the industry veteran he wanted to become the first time he ever sat at a station.


Dave Brecher began his career in teleprompting in New York in January of 2000 at the youthful age of 24. Surviving a decade of major upheaval both in the city and in the entertainment industry, Dave has worked hard to become one of the most competent, confidant and composed Teleprompter operators and innovative business owners in New York and now the country.
An ardent fan of emerging technology (some would proclaim him a nerd), Dave has always been consumed with staying ahead of the curve. This has resulted in his obsessive research and subsequent embracing of gadgetry and tech that promotes both efficiency and stability in his life and thus the lives of his clients. This is the very reason he opened up his own technologically superior prompter company in 2007 called Promptin’ Circumstance, LLC utilizing the newest products from Apple and custom tweaked software that helps make every job painless and smooth.

Born and raised in Suburban New Jersey and having attended Penn State’s film school, Dave has always been and will always be entrenched in the entertainment field on the East Coast. Shortly after opening shop in his adopted home of Brooklyn, he’s worked and geared up almost every major New York show from both seasons of “the Elvis Costello Show,”  “Jerry Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref” and worked rock and roll shows like “Barbra Streisand’s Village Vanguard appearance” and “Diana Ross in Concert.” It was the start of a two-year stint on Bette Midler’s “The Showgirl Must Go On” that gave Dave a taste of West-Coast opportunity, and after working out a plan with his soon-to-be partner, he and Matt oficially opened Promptin’ Circumstance West in the summer of 2009.

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