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Auspicious Beginnings

While Dave and Matt have over 15 years of teleprompting experience between them, it was on the very day that the paperwork was signed, officially unleashing PCW as a California LLC that we got our first call for a job.

And what a job it was - Michael Jackson was prepping for his THIS IS IT tour and wanted us onboard to help smooth the process along. So there we were, not one day old and already our client list boasted the most famous entertainer the world had ever known.

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We want to do your teleprompting.

Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, Bette Midler, Diana Ross and Neil Diamond have all used PCW's services for shows, rehearsals or events. Add to that the speech prompting work we've done for the POTUS and various Hollywood luminaries and the live television and corporate work we've done for the Grammys Corporation, Comedy Central, TruTV, the Food Network and Hallmark, and you've got a recipe for success. As the younger sibling of the long-established Promptin' Circumstance, we had some distinct advantages: an established base of past clients looking for support on the west coast, proximity to the largest base of film and television shoots in the hemisphere and an absurd amount of experience prompting in every conceivable situation.


Working to suit your needs

We know that every production is different and we're happy to work with you to create a package that suits your needs and the needs of your talent. Personal attention is the hallmark of what makes Promptin' Circumstance West different from its competitors, and we aim to show you that from the first time you call us.

HD Teleprompting Kits

It seems counterintuitive, but even teleprompters can benefit from some HD lovin'. When you're shooting a television show in HD with multiple HD cameras and HD feeds all over the studio, you don't want to worry about running an upconverter solely for some other teleprompter's aging rig. With PCW's latest-and-greatest, you don't have to. We're committed to giving you the best, both in equipment and in prompter operators, and that means HD if you need it. Heck, even if you only want it.